Same words I said to my legal team today… 

Over the past few years, I’ve embraced the idea of growing my business 10x. I’ve built a team of people around me with that mindset I’m going to need them. My business coach Dan Sullivan tells me, “it’s not a problem if you can anticipate the problem.”

With my scheduled call with my legal team, this morning about a case I am involved with I said “We don’t have a problem, I knew this would happen with this account” it’s all part of the plan with growing 10x.

We are aggressively going to defend ourselves but it’s a loss, and no one will really win but me!  “Because the losses are knowledge gained for me” –  And for that reason, I’m still in 🙂


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My good friend Marc, the CEO of Kodak seem to like it; maybe you will too!

“What a perfect metaphor: through the lens of photography, Camera Focus teaches us about business, life, and success. Today we all carry around amazing little “cameras” in our pockets thanks to our smartphones, to capture those Kodak Moments. Camera Focus speaks to anyone that might have distractions in their life, and we all live with some form of distractions. Scott Proposki has a unique way of using familiar photography terms like Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed and Color Balance and applies them to our everyday struggles between distraction and focus.”Marc Jourlait, CEO Kodak Alaris

The Ultimate Distractions Working at the White House

I am working from my home in New Hampshire thinking about the presidential candidates that will soon cover the state.

I attended a few rallies during the last presidential campaign for personal reasons, and I was intrigued with the media coverage and other stuff backstage.

A few years ago I was also backstage at the White House with President Barack Obama, and I was more than intrigued with the stuff backstage in Washington, DC.

I was covering the Easter Egg Roll, yes photos with the bunny! (It’s a big business, someone needs to do it)

During that time we had an active shooter at the US Capital, which is less than a mile away from the White House.

It is the ultimate distractions in life when something like this happens, and the question is how would you stay focused?

Scott Proposki

My 50/25 Plan

Watching HGTV last Sunday night, House Hunters International with booking what I call our “50/25” international trip this week it peaked my interest.

My 50th birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary this year. (50/25 Plan) I’m not sure which one sounds more unrealistic, but it’s true, and if you do the math I was 25 years old when I got married which makes remember this so much easier as I get older 🙂

Ten years ago I was a photographer working with the Norway Tourism bureau, and I made a 10-year plan we would travel to Norway.

We booked our trip this past weekend and looking forward to our trip this summer.

I’m working on my next 25-year plan now which will be our 75/50 trip, we are working more with Santa, so maybe we will go to the North Pole😊📸🎅🏻 S

Stay focused!

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