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Camera Focus by Scott Proposki 



What Photography Teaches About Business, Life, and Success.

At first glance, one might think this book is a book about photography. Dig a little deeper and see that Camera Focus is a business book for people who might get bored on page three of most business books, a lifestyle guide for people who shy away from “self-help,” and a memoir for anyone tired of finding inspiration but little practical advice in the life stories of others.

Camera Focus is a book for anyone who feels unable to reach the next level—or unable even to focus long enough to decide what the next level is. It is for anyone who is frustrated by a lack of growth. It is for anyone who is looking to cut through the noise of the modern career counseling industry and get right to the heart of the matter. While it may be especially resonant for creative professionals or people with ADHD.

From the technical and artistic aspects of photography, Scott draws analogies between common career struggles and the specifics of camera work. You will learn how to select and maintain the right “viewfinder” for your career, why it’s important to “bracket” your opportunities with lots of back-ups, and how they manage your “shutter speed” for an optimum rate of growth. Like any photography project, Camera Focus is designed to help you get from the inception of an idea to full, beautiful realization.


For more than twenty years, Scott Proposki has been a leader and innovator in the world of event photography. As an adult diagnosed with ADHD, hopes to shape the lives of others those who have it.

As an early adopter of event photography turned entrepreneur, Scott founded a company called Photos In A Minute. Scott has photographed world leaders and A-list celebrities around the globe. His company has ongoing clients ranging from National GeographicHBOMicrosoft, The White House, and his local sports team New England PatriotsPhotos In A Minute also operates the wildly successful “Santa Experience” pop-up shops in locations across North America every Holiday season.

Scott has continued to explore, to learn, and to pursue his passions with his unique ability to find the right niche markets at the right time. He advises people to understand that the path to education never ends and that they can learn something new during every second of every day.

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