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Entrepreneur Reveal How He Transformed

His Life In Less Than 2 Years

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Scott Proposki documented his stories after Year 2 of the Program, pulling back the curtain on what it really feels like to be part of the Strategic Coach community.

In his words…

  • One of the first things we were asked in our first workshop was, “Three years from today, what has to have happened for you to be happy?” And just by asking myself that question, I was able to achieve everything on my list in half the time.
  • I’m having conversations I could never have imagined having three years ago because I didn’t have the confidence or knowledge to know that I had a team behind me that was pushing me on to larger opportunities.
  • I was delivering a sales presentation to one of the top companies in New York City and I’ll never forget the feeling of realizing they were more intrigued by how I run my life, personally and professionally than what I was actually pitching to them.
  • On his mindset shift: I feel like I’m just getting started. The first 50 years of my life were just practice and now it’s really about the next 70.

People can change.

The stories here are a testament to that. They are proof that by doing something different and making an investment in yourself, you can dramatically alter the course of your life.